My Story

I was first introduced to Scentsy at my Moms in December 2007.  She had just ordered the Lighthouse warmer and a few scents. She asked me if I liked candles.  Well my answer was of course, what woman doesn't.  I went and met with her consultant, Dianne Miller, who later became my sponsor and friend.  I sat and smelled all the scents and got real excited.  This was the greatest product I have ever seen. I bought a warmer and the best scent ever, Fresh Cut Cantalope.  I set it up at my moms, where my nephew came in and wondered what was that neat scent.  My brother came in right after and really liked it also.  So I had to sign up since I had two customers right there.  When I got back home I took a warmer and the Cherry Clove Chutney scent bar to my gym, where they had a regular candle going.  After I set it up and turned on the warmer I had 7 more sales. I have met many new customers who have become my friends and team members.  This is the BEST CANDLE ever and the best company to work with. Give me a call or email me and let me show you what Scentsy is all about. <!--endbody-->